Sohail Tanvir Bowls Ahmed Shehzad

Sohail Tanvir Bowls Ahmed Shehzad. Sohail Tanvir got surprised in the last over of that match of the Caribbean premier league when he was smashed back by Pollard. The left arm bowler while batting on the pitch of West Indies smashed sixes off Pollard. Pollard now took his revenge when he had to chase down 14 runs on the last over of Sohail in the Caribbean premier League.

Sohail Tanvir faced the music when he faced Pollard in the final over of that game of Caribbean premier league in which he hit sixes to Pollard to complete his fifty on just 18 balls. Pollard had the last laugh though he was down and under when he was bowling to left arm bowler Sohail. The crows got really entertained in the Caribbean premier league.

West Indies crowd really enjoyed the hitting of Sohail and then they were witnessing fine ending of the Caribbean premier league match. Both the players had the chance to take on each other. First it was Sohail who took on Pollard by hitting sixes by completing his quick fifty then it was Pollard who had the last laugh.

Sohail Tanvir looked out of source when Pollard was hitting him and taking him on. Four runs needed on the last three balls and Captain Sammy thought they might contain the hard hitting Pollard in Caribbean league but they did forget that he had faced such pressure situations before when he used to play for West Indies cricket team.

Sohail Tanvir lost his interest of batting when Pollard got the required fourteen runs in his final over and won the match for his team. The bowler was of course quite disappointed at the batting performance of Pollard who ruined his hard work that he did during his innings of 50 runs on eighteen deliveries. Cricket fans really enjoyed the match.

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