Snake Found in Grave of Man

Snake found in the grave of a dead man when he was about to be buried in the grave. The grave of that man was being dig by the persons who had done that job for many people when they got died. They never saw such reptile in the grave of any body. Everybody that was present there in that graveyard was quite shocked and sad at that incident.

Huge snake kept on moving in the grave before that man was buried in it. They tried to kick it out of the grave but could not do so since they did not know what to do with it. people who were present there in the graveyard said that they could not understand why it was moving in the grave since there was not anything like that in any of the graves in that graveyard.

People who were witness of that incident recorded the video of that reptile in the grave. It showed that how much worried those men were who had relation with the dead man. The religious men were called in to have a look at that grave that was being dig. They said that according to the Islamic books they had read such dangerous reptiles might be appeared if the dead man was a sinner.

That black snake got the attention of all the people who were laughing in the grave yard despite of the fact that everybody was supposed to be buried in the grave after the death. This was the most shocking incident that ever took place in that graveyard. The people who had been digging the graves in that graveyard had never witnessed such grave that had reptiles in it even before it was filled with the dead body.

The snake tried to sting the persons who had come down in that grave of that man whose dead body was to be buried. After quite some effort that reptile was taken out of the grave by some expert people who had worked with the animals and the reptiles. News of that reptile coming in the grave was spread in many areas of the town.

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