Shocking Reaction of Female Anchor during IPL Match

During an IPL match, female anchor Archana stunned the audience along with crew staff of the studio when she started to talk in romantic mood. The anchor was reporting post match situation to the viewers when she was asked to take commercial break. However the cameraman did not switch off the camera during the commercial break.

Female anchor Archana was hired to cover the IPL match and she was doing her job quite brilliantly. However her instinct to attract others through different tactics also continued during season. The model-cum-anchor showed her talent during the break time and stunned the viewers.

The anchor in studio asked Archana to hold for few minutes due to commercial break but cameraman did not switch off the camera at all. After few seconds she started to be romantic on the ground and passed few comments on anchor in the studio. Every person in the studio was watching her weird activity and stunned to see her in that mood.

Later on viewers realized that it was all planned by the media channel because anchor Archana was acting for product during IPL match break. Every person was involved in that product and they just created real like situation for the viewers. Cameraman got the instructions to keep the camera on even during commercial break.

All of them including anchor Archana was part of that commercial and they chose the platform of IPL match. However viewers could not understand the plot and thought it as real mistake of female anchor. It was not commercial break but a commercial itself.

Viewers forgot that anchor Archana knew acting and she deceived them during match of IPL. The lady got the offer of doing commercial and for this purpose advertisement agency made a brilliant plan. They involved media channel for this commercial as well and utilize their platform to shot it with real situation.

Female Anchor Archana

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