Shoaib Malik Conspires with Ahmed Shehzad

Shoaib Malik conspired with Ahmed Shehzad and Imran Nazir to lose a match against Australia. The match was played in Hong Kong. Imran Nazir who was a specialist batsman had to bowl the last over but both the other players did not perform with their hearts and Pakistan cricket team lost the match. All the spectators were abusing them.

Shoaib Malik has been in the news of conspiracy during the world cup that Pakistan lost. He along with Ahmed Shehzad was criticized heavily by the journalists and the supporters of Pakistan for the poor show knowingly. People said that they did not play for the nation and tried to disrespect the captain so that he could not win the matches in the world cup.

One of match that was played in Hong Kong super sixes tournament was also blamed to be conspired by these two players of the Pakistan cricket team. Ahmed Shehzad was keeping the wickets in that match against Australia and Imran Nazir had to be brought in to bowling since they had no option. Imran Nazir was in pressure in that match.

Shoaib Malik was captaining the side and along with Ahmed Shehzad was planning the bowling against the mighty Australia. It was a crucial over that has to be bowled with accuracy but they all conspired against and gave away easy runs to Maxwell. He bowled lots of loose balls to the set Australian batsman that never let him settle as a bowler.

Shoaib Malik was also named in a report that was given away by the committee that was formed to investigate the loss of Pakistan in Sri Lanka. The committee said that he has been conspiring against the other players so that the captain should be held responsible and kept out of the team. In that match that was played in Hong Kong, Pakistan Lost the match and all the spectators that kept on abusing.

Imran Nazir Last Over

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