Shoaib Malik And Ahmed Shehzad Lose Match

Shoaib Malik and Ahmed Shehzad along with Imran Nazir lost a match that Pakistan was about to win. Both the players have been doing ill acts with each other so that they could have a strong hold in the team. That match was played in Hong Kong. The tournament was named as Hong Kong super sixes tournament.

Shoaib Malik has been playing for the Pakistan cricket team for many years. In the start of his playing days, he was quite impressive and played the cricket with lots of heart. With the entrance of Ahmed Shehzad in the side, Pakistan cricket team found good young talent who looked to be future of Pakistan cricket team.

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After some time they both started to play for their own selves rather than playing for the nation and the country. Pakistan lost crucial match in Hong Kong since they could have won that match but same duo planned the conspiracy against the team with the other young talent Imran Nazir. That match in Hong Kong was also criticized due to the bowling of Imran Nazir.

Shoaib Malik was the captain in that match and Ahmed Shehzad was wicket keeping in that match against Australia in the Hong Kong super sixes tournament. The wicket keeper ran all the way from behind the stumps and talked to the bowler who looked very nervous but did not bowl intentionally well over.

Captaincy of Shoaib Malik was criticized by lots of supporters who had come there to support their team. The cricket fans of Pakistan kept on abusing Ahmed Shehzad and Imran Nazir as well. They all were asking him to contain the runs but the bowler kept on giving away loose deliveries. Australia batsman Maxwell was in great touch and cashed on to every bad ball and won the game for Australia.

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