Shoaib Akhtar Uses Bad Language to Yasir Hameed

Shoaib Akhtar the Pakistani fast bowler started using bad language to Yasir Hameed when he did miss the ball on his bowling. The fast bowler has been very outspoken throughout his cricketing career. Yasir Hameed also knew him for quite some time since they had been playing for the country many times. The batsman played the shot towards Yasir Hameed who missed the ball and gave away easy runs against India.

Shoaib Akhtar finished the over and then Yasir Hameed came towards him to apologize for his misfielding. That match was played against India. The players of India could understand the language that was used by the fast bowler. The commentators also were laughing at the words that were used for the batsman of Pakistan.

The stump microphone was quite louder and every word could be heard with clear volume. This has been the specialty of fast bowler that whenever a catch was dropped and the ball was missed off his bowling, they used to get angry since they had worked really hard to get the wicket. Another same sort of incident happened when the captain of the Pakistan cricket team used such language to the other batsman.

Shoaib Akhtar has always been angry young man and due to his passion, he was able to get the wickets of so many batsmen all around the globe. The captain also was smiling when he saw the fast bowler giving some lesson to Yasir Hameed for not catching the ball. Crowd also got to know that there was something bad happened with the fast bowler and Yasir Hameed.

Bowling of Shoaib Akhtar has been well appreciated by the Indian commentators since their team could not produce such bowling stars who could bowl over than one hundred and fifty kilometer per hour. They agree with the fast bowler rude behavior since he had put in lots of effort in that ball. The batsman on the other hand was not aware of the fact that some rude words were exchanged.

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