Shaun Tait Bowls to Shahid Afridi

Shaun Tait, the world’s second fastest bowler that belonged to Australia, faced Pakistani hitter Shahid Afridi in the world cup game. Before that game they both did not face each other in any sort of game. The fast bowler of Australia thought of bowling very quickly to the right hand pinch hitter of Pakistan cricket team but he did not know that he would be smacked down by the batsman in the world cup with the same pace.

Shaun Tait was smashed by the opener and the former captain of New Zealand cricket team when he kept on hitting huge sixes towards the fine leg boundary. During that innings of New Zealand batsman, it felt like as if he was not facing a fast bowler from Australia rather he was facing a spinner. The feet movement of that batsman was brilliant.

Australia has produced another fast bowler as well who has been playing in the cricket leagues too. His struggle for the world cup matches was also over as Australia cricket board had announced new and young fast bowlers in their world cup squad. Those new fast bowlers did not have that much speed of the likes of Brett Lee yet they have been given opportunity by the board.

Shaun Tait had also recently played for the same team as of Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi has been named captain of that team in which the former fast bowler of Australia was also included when the teams were announced in the Pakistan super league. Shahid Afridi was also pleased to have him in the side since he knew that the fast bowler could turn the match on their favor.

Shaun Tait bowled quite quickly in the other matches of the world cup and he also got quick wickets with his pace and swing. Other than the fast bowlers, their spinners were also bowling really well. Australia has the blessing of another fast bowler Johnson, who has impressive record against all the batsmen in Australia and in the world cup matches.

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