Shark Attacks Tourist Girls At Sea

Shark attacked the tourist girls at the sea when those two ladies were hanging their legs in the water. Both the ladies were having fun at the beach near the sea and they were sitting near the bank of the sea. They both had been there at the sea for many times but nothing surprising thing happened there before.

The Shark was not seen anywhere near that beach in the sea before but certainly they felt something underwater that touched their legs near the beach on the bank of the sea. They got scared and tried to get up from their seats but there was an attack from the animal of the sea. The attack of that sea animal was so sudden that they could not get rid and run out of that place.

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That dangerous attack from the fish was not the only one that they missed. They both had to be very lucky to escape the sudden attack from different fishes under the sea. The video was recorded by the camera man of the movie that was being shot there. It looked all dangerous that the ladies did not stay cool and started shouting at the sea near the beach.

That shark kept on attacking the female tourist girls until they ran out of that bank of the sea and reached the beach which was far away from the water of the sea. The tourist ladies thought that they were safe now and did not have to worry about the fishes of the sea but they could not believe that the animal of the sea jumped out of the sea and reached them so that it could catch the ladies.

The shark was so deadly and dangerous that they did not want to see that again. Tourist girls looked to be very innocent but one of the ladies got the courage to tackle the attack of that animal and she hit that fish with a stone that was placed on the beach near the bank of the sea. They both were lucky enough to escape the attack and were able to defeat it.

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