Shane Watson Gets Smashed 5 Times

Shane Watson of Australia got smashed 5 times by Shahid Afridi. The all rounder of Australia tried to bowl different deliveries to Shahid Afridi but every time he was treated with the same result. Shahid Afridi lofted the ball all the time out of the boundary. Commentators of Australia were also amazed at the hitting power of Pakistani all rounder.

Shane Watson has announced his retirement after the world cup that was played in India. He has been known as the finest all rounder of Australia team and served for many years. At the start of his career, he was introduced as the bowler who can bat. Later on he developed his batting skills and got the fame in Australia as the all rounder who could bat and bowl.

Shahid Afridi on the other hand, has some answers to his bowling deliveries by smashing all of them out of the park. He had done that in Australia and in the England as well. He knew only one style of treating bowlers. Shahid Afridi did not only hit sixes to all rounder but also hit many other fast bowlers as well. During the Australia tour, Shane Watson got annoyed for getting smashed.

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