Shane Warne Huge Spin Bowling Surprises World

Shane Warne bowled an amazing spin delivery during a test match that nobody could have ever imagined. The ball turned so sharply in the test match that everybody was so amazed to see the amazing spin bowling. The ball was bowled in the test match against the English cricket team who were playing well in that match.

Shane Warne has been the most dangerous spin bowler for the Australian cricket team for many years and he had taken lots of wickets with his spin bowling. The recent video was taken from one of his spell against the English cricket team opener who had been on the crease for quite a long time yet he could not pick the turn of the ball in the test match cricket.

Many spin bowlers had played for the Australian cricket team in the test cricket but no one was able to get that much spin and turn on the turning track. Although the ball turned a long way and spectators all over the world got really amazed to see, yet the spin bowling of the spinner could not get him wicket. He shouted for quite a long time by appealing to the umpire but the result did not go in favor of the bowler.

Shane Warne could not believe that he had turned the ball square yet he could not get the wicket on that turning track. The replay also showed that the ball struck the English batsman outside the off stump and the umpire in that test cricket match could not give out. The commentator also agreed with the decision of the umpire.

Shane Warne had got lots of wickets in the test match cricket due to his spin bowling. Australian cricket team were able to win lots of test cricket matches due to the spin bowling of the great leg spinner.

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