Shahid Afridi Wins County Cricket Match

Shahid Afridi won county cricket match the other day for his team when it had lost two wickets in the start of the innings. The target was did not look very huge but the conditions of England pitches were difficult to bat on since the ball was swinging around throughout the day. His captain wanted a quick fifty from Shahid Afridi and he did not let him and his team members down.

County cricket has been the format that all the international cricketers loved to play since it had been a source of income for them when their national team had rest days. During the busy season in England, Shahid Afridi made his mark with tremendous hitting. His innings of 98 runs was something that entertained the crowd.

Crowd knew that Shahid Afridi had the skills to turn on any game. In that particular match his team needed 192 runs in the limited over but they lost two early wickets when the score was just 10 on the board. The captain of his team wanted him to go and smash every ball so that they could have the chance to win the match in England.

The county cricket match was full of sixes and fours when Shahid Afridi came to bat in the middle of the ground in England. He started hitting boundaries when the score was 10 and the ball was moving a bit. He kept on hitting the ball hardly until the ball got old and it stopped moving. The hitting of Shahid Afridi on the pitches of England was something really entertaining for the whole crowd.

County cricket matches used to be very boring until the all rounder of Pakistan cricket team joined the team in England. They had watched the hitting of him in the international matches and they wanted him to repeat the shots in England. Shahid Afridi did not let the fans down.

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