Shahid Afridi Warns India over Recent War Hysteria

Former skipper of Pakistani team Shahid Afridi warned India over recent war hysteria situation. The Indian media and modi’s regime have been trying very hard to present negative image of Pakistan which gives them the right to do surgical strike. However international community rejected Indian narrative while on the other hand Indian troops don’t have the capacity to conduct any kind of surgical strike.

Few days ago, cricket Shahid Afridi tried to calm down the war hysteria scenario with his peaceful tweets but Indian media twisted them with their ugly agenda. Therefore it became very necessary for star all-rounder to respond on it and he did in the program. He warned the Indian army and public not to provoke Pakistan otherwise they have to deal with Pathans before Pak Army.

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There is no doubt that Modi’s regime want to wage war with Pakistan and for this purpose they are using Indian media to shape the public’s opinion in their favor. So far the public of India and their soldiers do not want war with Pakistan but the government persists on it.

The Occupied Kashmir once again became the bone of contest between both countries as Kashmiris want freedom from Indian troops while Pakistan has always been in support of Kashmiris. For long lasting peace of the region, its very important to resolve Kashmir issue according to the wish of Kashmir people.

The UN resolutions give the right to Kashmiris to get freedom from occupied Indian troops who have been committing crimes since ages to suppress the freedom movement. The tweets of Shahid Afridi were right in the direction of peaceful dialogue but its Indian media who mocked him.

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