Shahid Afridi Takes Revenge From Shakib

Shahid Afridi the number one all rounder of Pakistan cricket team took revenge from the Bangladesh all rounder Shakib Ul Hassan. They both faced each other in the Bangladesh premier league. In a match number one all rounder of Bangladesh Team, Shakib got rid of the Pakistani all rounder without scoring any shot. He was stumped while trying to lift the ball out of the park by coming down the track.

Shahid Afridi could not succeed in that encounter but decided to go back to the pavilion without showing any emotion to the bowler. The bowler on the other hand was really jubilant for getting him out cheaply. The crowd had gone crazy since the match was being played in the Bangladesh and the league was also organized by the Bangladesh team.

Shakib Ul Hassan knew that the Pakistani all rounder was the key man at that position since the batting side got into trouble. The batting side was four wickets down when the all rounder of Pakistan cricket team came out to bat in the middle of the ground. All the eyes and hopes were on the all rounder of Pakistan cricket team since he could take the score to the winning total.

Shakib Ul Hassan vs Shahid Afridi

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