Shahid Afridi Statment At Toss Gives Pleasure

Shahid Afridi statement at the Toss ceremony gave something for the pleasure of the nation and his supporters when he said that he was not going to announce his retirement soon. The captain of the Pakistan cricket team has a great fan following and his supporters were really disappointed at the hints of his retirement.

Shahid Afridi was quite confident of the support he has been getting from the home and the people who had come in the stadium. He knew that despite of the poor performance in the recent past, national still stood behind him and nobody wanted him to retire from the international arena. The retirement from the One Day Internationals has earlier been made by him since he wanted to concentrate on the shorter format.

Pakistan team management also was very supportive to the current captain since they knew that he has played the cricket with lots of heart. The current situation had become quite tense for him due to his and the team’s bad performance as Pakistan cricket team did not come up with big wins against the strong teams.

Retirement of Shahid Afridi broke lots of hearts back at home and his followers on the social media stood with him and wanted him to take the decision back. They all wanted to see him in the cricket team. The all rounder had brought some flare in the cricket team for the Pakistani nation. He has given pleasure to the broken hearts by giving lots of victories for the nation.

Shahid Afridi made it clear in the interview that was taken by the commentator at the toss ceremony that he has learnt to stand up in the tough situation and would never back down due to the pressure. His recent interview was not a good news for many of the cricket players who were expecting him to announce his retirement.

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