Shahid Afridi Stars in Hong Kong Super Sixes

Hong Kong was the country where the super sixes cricket tournament has been organized for many years. Shahid Afridi surprised the spectators when he played a game in that tournament and kept on hitting sixes with one hand against New Zealand. The biggest hitter of cricket ball had to go in the middle when 82 runs were required in just 24 balls. Shahid Afridi smashed every bowler of New Zealand cricket team all around the park.

Boundaries of Hong Kong sixes were short and all the players were able to hit sixes if they had timed the ball perfectly. New Zealand cricket team also had some players who crossed the boundaries easily and set the good target for the all stars team that had Shahid Afridi in their lineup. Crowd did not lose hope when all stars cricket team needed to score at a quick pace since they knew the team had Shahid Afridi.

Shahid Afridi came to bat when his team lost early wicket and he had to start hitting the ball from the ball one. It was not a tough target the way he started smashing the cricket ball. The bowlers of New Zealand did not have enough pace so the all round cricketer Shahid Afridi smashed the ball with only one hand.

Hong Kong team also was impressed with the way Shahid Afridi was playing. In his innings he hit many sixes and boundaries but the format of the tournament did not allow him to continue that amazing innings in which he only used one single hand for hitting purpose. The commentators of New Zealand team were also surprised.

That Hong Kong super sixes tournament earned very good fame since it had different format that had attracted the supporters and with the involvement of hitters like Shahid Afridi, it was the biggest success of the tournament. New Zealand bowlers were really worried about the way Shahid Afridi was treating them by hitting sixes with one hand.

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