Shahid Afridi Stars in Big Bash League

Big bash league has been one of the top attractive cricket leagues at the moment and it had contracts with many overseas cricketers that have played for them in Australia. Pakistani cricketers have also played in that league and impressed the supporters with their performances as well. One of the all rounder from Pakistan Shahid Afridi had a great impact on the league in Australia.

Big Bash League was organized by the board of Australia when they also wanted to introduce a cricket league like Indian premier league. Shahid Afridi has been the most attractive name for the cricket leagues all over the cricketing world. He showed the crowd with his brilliant all round performance that he had the skills to be loved by the cricket lovers.

Many players of Australia were part of that cricket league and they all praised the performance of Shahid Afridi when he bowled perfectly alright by taking three wickets. Shahid Afridi did not finish yet as he batted magnificently by scoring quick runs in the second innings of his team. He had played many times in Australia and he knew that there would be huge boundaries yet he was able to cross them.

Big Bash League was organized to promote the young cricketers of Australia who could develop their cricketing skills for the international cricket. Other cricketers of Pakistan had also played cricket there in that league but they could not earn that much fame in Australia since Shahid Afridi was born with multiple skills of batting, bowling and fielding.

Big Bash League was televised on different channels in different countries so that all the young players of Australia could have the exposure that they deserved at the international level. With the induction of Shahid Afridi in that league, the young players of Australia managed to learn quite a lot in terms of cricketing skills.

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