Shahid Afridi Smashes 5 Sixes to Shane Watson

Shane Watson was surprised by the hitting of Shahid Afridi every time he faced him. He faced the all rounder of Australia on different occasions and he did not bother defending his deliveries. Shahid Afridi hit huge sixes to him in Australia and also in the test matches that were played in England. Shahid Afridi used to play test match cricket at that time but he did not respect the bowling of all rounder of Australia.

Shane Watson wanted to get the wicket of Pakistani all rounder but he always got the teasing response from Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi had his own style of facing bowlers. He never cared about the pitches or the grounds. He has hit sixes in any ground of the world and in Australia as well despite of the fact that they had the longest boundaries in cricketing world.

Shahid Afridi faced the bowler cum batsman of Australia in Australia but he smashed him all over the ground. Australia team was very worried about the bowling of the all rounder since he was always smashed by Shahid Afridi. Shane Watson was very young when he started playing for his country but Pakistan all rounder welcomed him in his own style.

Shahid Afridi 5 Sixes to Shane Watson on 5 Balls

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