Shahid Afridi Sixes Raises Questions on Cricket Stadium

Cricket Stadium in Australia and England were too small in distance and height since Shahid Afridi of Pakistan team raised so many question as he hit the ball too hard. The longest six of the bat of Shahid Afridi went out of the cricket stadium into the car park. That was the longest six that was ever hit even the commentators also got excited.

That cricket stadium of South Africa was not a short one but when the all rounder hit the ball with his full force it just crossed the whole building of the cricket ground. The commentators also started to be very excited as the ball hit the bat of the Pakistani all rounder. The length of that huge hit was 158 kilo meters.

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Although Pakistan cricket team lost that match from South Africa but Shahid Afridi played a very good innings that included that huge hit from him. He had hit lot more sixes in that innings but the longest hit was the shot that he played off the bowling of that left arm pacer from South Africa. He just bowled the ball in his radar.

Long cricket stadium seemed to be very short as the shot of Shahid Afridi went all over it and it struck on the road outside the building where the car parking was placed. The commentators said that it could have done by the all rounder Shahid Afridi only. Pakistani all rounder gave it a full go when he struck that ball.

South African cricket stadium was full of spectators who had come there to watch the hitting of the Pakistani all rounder Shahid Afridi since they knew that he could be the only man who could hit that long out of the park and amazed the commentators with his hitting too in South Africa.

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