Shahid Afridi Shows Bowling Tricks on Table Tennis

Shahid Afridi the real hero of the nation showed some tricks of his bowling while playing with some of the youngsters who were in the sports complex for the table tennis game. He had just gone there to get himself relaxed a bit. He went there to the table of the young boys who loved him a lot and started to show them the tricks with the table tennis ball.

Shahid Afridi gives surprise to the young boys when he went to a sports complex where they were playing table tennis. He went there and started to play with them. The table tennis has never been used to bowling since the captain of the Pakistan cricket team has been a cricketer so he could not disconnect the cricket game with the table tennis game.

He used his bowling tricks in that sports complex while playing with those young boys. The boys were really amazed and excited at the same time. The leg spinner started bowling on the table tennis like it was a pitch to bowl on. The table tennis ball was spinning quite a lot and all the young boys were getting surprised in the sports complex.

Shahid Afridi got all the fame in the cricketing world while playing cricket but his ability to spin the ball on the tennis table was something nobody ever watched him playing. The youngsters started to play together but no one was able to know the pitch and spin of the ball by which that game has been played. It was amazing skill by the leg spinner who has got all the love from his fans.

Shahid Afridi has shown some skills in the table tennis game as well and all the supporters and the fans that were present there in the sports complex were amazed to see the captain having expertise in both games. The video of that table tennis tricks was shared by some of the boys who were there in the sports complex.

Afridi Shows Tricks on Table Tennis

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