Shahid Afridi Scores 22 Runs in Over

Shahid Afridi Scores 22 Runs in Over. Australia team was surprised in the last over by the left hand batsman of Pakistan cricket team. Asif Mujtaba was facing the last delivery of Steve Waugh who was bowling really well. He almost pulled out the victory but Asif Mujtaba shocked the whole world when he hit the final delivery to the mid wicket boundary. Pakistan had lost nine wickets and he was the last man at the crease.

Australia team was surprised by the last ball six off the bowling of Steve Waugh. Steve Waugh was supposed to be a very good bowler and he proved it until the last ball was bowled. Steve Waugh and the commentators thought that Pakistan could not win that match. An amazing scenario was created when the Pakistan had only one wicket remaining.

Asif Mujtaba was on strike and all the eyes were on him since one wicket was left. Pakistan team needed to get the maximum runs on the final delivery. Steve Waugh bowled a perfect first ball by taking wicket of the spinner. The final ball was very crucial as the six on the final ball would make the match tied. Cricket fans thought that the host team would win comfortably.

Australia team was in a shock of state when Steve Waugh bowled a full toss to Asif Mujtaba. That full toss reminded the last ball victory of Pakistan team against India in the Sharja stadium. Pakistan at that time needed four runs but Pakistani batsman got a full toss. The batsman at that time took full advantage and won the game for Pakistan.

This Australia team never had the idea of losing the match. Steve Waugh was also feeling embarrassed since he could have won that match for his team. Asif Mujtaba on the other hand was the star of the show who stole the win from their hands.

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