Shahid Afridi Repeats Sixes in Cricket League

Cricket league happened to experience the same victory by Shahid Afridi when he hit two huge sixes in the last over to win the match for his team. That victory of Shahid Afridi reminded the win of the Asia cup match against India which was also won by Shahid Afridi. The bowler needed to contain him in the last over but he could not do that.

That cricket league was played in Bangladesh and the supporters of Bangladesh knew the skills and hitting ability of Shahid Afridi. The team which Shahid Afridi was playing for needed 8 runs on just 3 balls. Everybody expected same performance from Shahid Afridi as he did that in the last Asia cup final. In that Asia cup he hit two huge sixes off the bowling of spinner.

Bangladesh cricket league also had overseas players in every team but the team that had Boom Boom in their team, had the advantage of unbelievable hitting from somebody who was quite capable of turning the course of the match. The video showed that how thrilling was the match that was played in Bangladesh.

The cricket league supporters went crazy as Shahid Afridi hit a huge six on the leg side. Other partner of him just watched the ball sailing into the stands where the supporters were sitting. After that huge six of Shahid Afridi, the fans wanted him to repeat the performance by hitting the second six on the consecutive ball.

Coverage of cricket league was being provided globally and all the players from different countries were watching the thrilling end of the match between the two teams of Bangladesh. They all knew that Shahid Afridi could change the match in not time. He did that in style as he did in Asia cup final. He repeated same consecutive sixes of Asia cup in Bangladesh as well.

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