Shahid Afridi Plays for Malaysia

Malaysia has been one of the countries from which the famous cricketer of Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi played. He had played for them in the super cricket tournament that was held in 1998. The tournament was played just to promote cricket in that country. Many supporters wanted to see him bat in the tournament so the star cricketer Shahid Afridi was asked to play in the super cricket tournament.

Government of Malaysia had gotten the services of Pakistani all rounder Shahid Afridi to represent their team in the super cricket tournament that was being organized for the promotion of the cricket tournament. He along with another batsman from Zimbabwe was included in the side. Malaysian team played against the teams of other countries.

The super cricket tournament was organized just like the super sixes tournament which was also organized in the country of Hong Kong just for the sake of promotion of that sport. Shahid Afridi used his all talent after making the world record of fastest century by taking part in that super cricket tournament. Many other international players were there too.

Place of Malaysia was liked by all the international players who traveled there just to go there so that people could come and see their heroes in their own country. According to the organizers of the super cricket tournament Shahid Afridi made a huge impact on the game since so many people gave them very good feed back after the tournament got finished.

Representing Malaysia in the super cricket tournament was something very unusual as nothing such thing had happened earlier. The team played against the other countries that had international players in their side. The match was organized with the help of International cricket council since that council had been working really hard to promote this sport in the countries where the cricket was not being played.

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