Shahid Afridi Performs Outstandingly in County Cricket

Boom Boom Shahid Afridi performed brilliantly in yesterday’s match in county cricket of this season and showed all-round performance in the cricket stadium. He delivered with ball as well as his batting played a key role in team’s victory. Boom Boom Afridi smashed two massive sixes in his inning of 32 runs. He was playing with the strike rate of over 160 plus.

The Hampshire cricket club signed contract with Shahid Afridi in current county cricket season and so far he had been playing good cricket. He wanted to perform in the tournament to prove his fitness to the selectors back at home. Moreover, his batting performance would play key role in his come back to national team.

Batting or bowling department, Boom Boom Shahid Afridi has been always on the top level in performance among others, this year in the current edition of English county championship, Shahid Afridi has started playing with a fresh energy and set frame of mind. Afridi has to show performance to the new selection panel in Pakistan cricket board and people back home as well.

Due to shameful loses in the T20 world cup; Boom Boom Shahid Afridi was facing a lot of criticism from public and media in last few months. Though, Afridi had cleared himself in press and media but there were several questions on his fitness and growing age. People had started saying that Afridi has become very old now and he does not have that energy now which was a few years back.

Playing at his peak and performing, Boom Boom Shahid Afridi has proved the opponents wrong who were saying that he has become old. Afridi still have a lot of energy and cricket left in him. His performance in the County cricket championship has told the truth to everyone in loud words.

Shahid Afridi 6 on 1st Ball

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