Shahid Afridi Makes Remarkable Entry in County Cricket

County cricket match became very interesting when he hit stunning 82 runs innings in one of the matches in which he smashed every bowler. The umpire kept on giving six runs signals and he got tired. The supporters also had to clap on every shot that the all rounder cricketer Shahid Afridi hit. Shahid Afridi did not fear coming down to the fast bowlers as well.

His innings in county cricket was something really attractive for the supporters that were sitting in the stadium. They all had come there to enjoy their weekend and got entertained by Shahid Afridi. England players were involved in that league where so many players from England national team were participating. They also had good relations with the all rounder Shahid Afridi.

Famous bowlers and batsmen of the England cricket team were also bowling to the all round cricketer of Pakistan who have supporters all over the world. The supporters of Shahid Afridi kept on clapping on the big shots that were hit by the all rounder throughout the day. Along with supporters the umpires of the match also kept on raising their hands.

The county cricket match was also telecasted on the television in England and in Pakistan too. Shahid Afridi has been the popular identity in the cricketing field. They did not leave their television sets since he has been the favorite player for all the Pakistanis. Pakistani people in England were also entertained by the hitting of Shahid Afridi.

Ground of county cricket match was not a short one and the boundaries that were hit by the star all round cricketer Shahid Afridi in England. The commentators said that Shahid Afridi could have hit the sixes in any country in any ground. Throughout the match in England, the ball kept on being smashed towards the park outside the stadium.

Shahid Afridi Stunning 82 Runs of 40 Balls

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