Shahid Afridi Makes Huge Announcement At Toss

Shahid Afridi made huge announcement at the toss when the commentator asked him about his retirement from the international cricket. The captain of the Pakistan cricket team gave a strong message to the public and the nation who loved him recently more than in the past. He said that he did not decide anything as yet and he will reveal it later.

Shahid Afridi was fed up with the performance of his team members and himself also. He wanted to continue playing for the cricket team but due to the criticism of his bad performance and the recent defeats he made up his mind of retirement. All the other players of the cricket team who were involved in the grouping did not digest the statement that the skipper gave at the toss.

The commentators was pretty much sure that the all rounder of the Pakistan cricket team might announce the retirement as lots of rumors were circulating on the social media and in the print media as well. The captain of the Pakistan cricket team said that he would decided about his retirement in front of the whole nation who has been supporting him through out his career.

Shahid Afridi knew about the conspiracy of his cricket team players who had formed a group against him and did not perform good intentionally. The statement at the toss about his retirement caused pain in the mind of the people and those players who wanted him to leave the cricket team. The skipper of the current Pakistan cricket team has the most fan following after the retirement of the legends Imran Khan, Wasim Akram.

Popularity of Shahid Afridi declined in the recent tournaments including the Asia cup and the current ongoing world cup in which he could not perform up to the expectations of the nation. Although his personal performance was down and under but people back at home still loved him.

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