Shahid Afridi Hitter Great 100 Sixes Gets Liked

Shahid Afridi Hitter, the world class hitter from Pakistan became the center of attraction of the entire crowd throughout the world. He was the most liked cricketer in Pakistan cricket history. The video of the best sixes of his career was watched by every cricket fan all over the world when it was shared on social media. The video showed that he did not leave any of the bowlers and almost hit sixes to every bowler.

Shahid Afridi hitter started his journey in the international cricket by making an impressive world record. He smashed thirty seven ball hundred. He smashed many known bowlers of Sri Lanka and did not get scared by their quick deliveries. He was the cricketer who never got scared by the pace bowling and spin bowling of good blowers.

That all rounder of Pakistan entertained cricket fans all over the world. Cricket fans never had any idea of getting entertained by such hitting. Cricket used to be very boring game before former captain of Pakistan who started to entertain the cricket fans. He did not impress the cricket fans only in Pakistan but all over the world.

Shahid Afridi hitter played for nineteen years and did not change his style of batting. Due to his batting style many cricket fans started to have interest in the game of cricket. Pakistani cricketer always showed the true spirit of the game. He had toured India and got immense support from the cricket fans there in India. Many people got angry to the support of cricket fans for the cricketer.

Shahid Afridi cricketer has been remembered by all the cricket fans. Every body loving this sport started to love his batting style. That cricketer continued hitting sixes throughout his career and was known as the best hitter.


100 Sixes of Shahid Afridi

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