Shahid Afridi Hits Sixes Out of Cricket Stadium

Cricket Stadium looked like very small when Shahid Afridi hit a huge six of 158 meters in South Africa. The commentators started to praise his shot as it went out of the roof. Another hit that got the attention of the spectators was the shot when he hit it that much high that it touched the roof. That shot gave him 12 runs.

The cricket stadium in the country of South Africa used to be short but recently these have been extended and it has been quite tough for the any player to cross them and hit out of the park. The Pakistani all rounder surprised everyone when he surprised everyone with his huge hit that dropped out of the park on the road.

The commentators also got quite shocked to see that huge hit as Shahid Afridi gave it a real smash. It sounded like as if it was hit with many bats but not with a single bat. The ball went all the way sailing over the crowd into the car park. The replay showed that it was struck with the middle of the bat as the left arm bowler pitched it under the bat.

Another cricket stadium happened to be the one when Shahid Afridi hit the roof of it. It was also struck with great force by the all rounder. No player had ever managed to hit the roof of it. The commentators also got amazed since it happened for the first time. The umpire gave 12 runs to that shot since it was already decided that any shot that touched the roof would be rewarded for 12 runs.

That cricket stadium was in England and all the cricket players were playing in it for the first time. Nobody event the commentators could expect such long hit that could touch the roof. The commentators went quite loud in giving comments when Shahid Afridi struck the ball with lots of power. He himself was surprised that he could touch the roof.

2 Huge Hits by Shahid Afridi

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