Shahid Afridi Hits with More Power Than Dhoni

Indian captain Dhoni has been known as the famous hitter in test match cricket but most of his test match innings in which he hit boundaries and sixes, had come on the pitches of India. He has not showed his power on pitches of West Indies. Shahid Afridi surprised everyone with his power that was more than of the Indian wicket keeper and captain. Shahid Afridi smashed all the bowlers of West Indies all around the park and completed his test century on just 78 balls.

Dhoni has hit many centuries in the test matches that have been remembered due to his power house hitting. Shahid Afridi on the other hand did show to everybody that he had all the power to hit huge sixes to the fast bowler in the test matches on the difficult tracks of West Indies. Shahid Afridi completed his third century off just 78 balls.

Shahid Afridi did not spare the world famous Chris Gayle when he came to bowl to him. He smashed him for two consecutive hits over mid wicket for huge sixes. Every spectator of West Indies was really amazed at the power of the pinch hitter of Pakistan since Indian captain was known to the cricket fans but Shahid Afridi proved them wrong.

Dhoni has been the star of Indian cricket since he led his team well in all the formats. Most recently he had quite test matches since he felt that it was the time that the new youngsters should have stepped in and got a chance to become icons of the country. He had played many innings in test match cricket where smashed bowlers for sixes and boundaries due to his power ability.

Shahid Afridi proved Dhoni fans wrong that their captain had all the power to show it to the international media. Shahid Afridi struck that quick century on just 78 balls leaving all the other players behind who did not feel comfortable at the pitches of West Indies. He continued to go big century. He hit many sixes and boundaries.

Shahid Afridi Power Hitting

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