Shahid Afridi Hits Longest Six in Australia Stadium

Australia stadium has been considered one of the huge all over the world. Shahid Afridi smacked a ball up in the stadium where the commentators were sitting. The ball traveled to the second story of the ground. Andrew Symonds  was the bowler from the bowling side. He had never thought that the ball could go so far. Shahid Afridi had a full go at the ball and the commentators said that Shahid Afridi should be rewarded 12 runs for that longest six.

Huge six in Australia stadium should have been given 12 runs as asked by one of the commentators of Australia. Andrew Symonds used to bowl spin bowling to dodge the batsmen but this time around he bowled medium bowling to the all rounder. Shahid Afridi liked spin bowling since he always felt comfortable playing against spinner.

Andrew Symonds might have thought that Pakistani all rounder might face difficulty him if he bowled fast deliveries to the batsman so he decided to convert from spinner to fast bowler. Shahid Afridi loved the ball coming on to the bat and that attracted him to go after the delivery of Andrew Symonds. People sitting in the ground had never watched such huge shot in their entire cricketing sport.


Longest Six by Shahid Afridi

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