Shahid Afridi Hits Huge Sixes

Shahid Afridi hit two huge sixes in the Bangladesh premier league match. Both the all rounders met earlier in the previous edition of the league and Bangladesh all rounder was on top of that battle. Shakib Ul Hassan got the crucial wicket of Pakistani all rounder as he danced down the track to come hard on the bowler.

Shahid Afridi wanted to take advantage of the fielding restriction in the early overs despite of the fact that his team had lost four quick wickets. He took a big gamble by coming down and trying to hit the ball really hard. Pakistani all rounder misjudged the turn of the ball and was easily stumped by the keeper. The batsman was not happy unlike the crows.

Shakib Ul Hassan was really excited to send the most dangerous cricketer of the modern era without scoring and shot. In that league, both the all rounders of Pakistan and Bangladesh did not get the chance to face each other. In the next season Pakistani all rounder got the upper hand when he hit tow huge sixes off the bowling of Shakib.

Shahid Afridi took hi revenge as he was stumped in the previous meeting. Bangladesh premier league has been really popular.

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