Shahid Afridi Hits 22 Runs in Single Over

Shahid Afridi Hits 22 Runs in Single Over. Australia Team was in perplexity when Asif Mujtaba was facing the final delivery of Steve Waugh. He was bowling pretty well and got the wicket of spinner in that last over. Sixteen runs were needed of Steve Waugh over and the commentators said that they should win the match comfortably. Bowler of Pakistan cricket team hit boundary and on the final ball Asif Mujtaba came on the crease and hit a huge six towards mid wicket.

Australia team was pretty confidant of their victory and the commentators were also thinking about the victory. Pakistani team players in the dressing room were also nervous since they had played well until the last over. In the last over Steve Waugh had to defend 16 runs and it looked like he might do it. Steve Waugh got the wicket on the very first ball.

Asif Mujtaba could not do anything since he was standing on the non striking end. After the dismissal of the Pakistan team lost their hope as last man was on strike. Asif Mujtaba wanted a single on the delivery of Steve Waugh but that looked impossible as Aqib Javed tried to hit. Aqib Javed wanted to be hero of the match and by thinking so he was able to hit couple of boundaries.

Australia team did not feel bad as Steve Waugh still had the chance to win the match on the final delivery. Asif Mujtaba was on strike and he could only equal the match since 7 runs were needed on final ball. 7 Runs looked very difficult but the left hand batsman had his own thinking. All the players were amazed since a surprising hit was made by Asif Mujtaba.

Australia Team was in a shock that Steve Waugh was hit on the final ball for a huge six over mid wicket boundary and the match was tied. Nobody thought that the match could be tied in such a way when Steve Waugh was bowling really well to Asif Mujtaba.


Shahid Afridi 22 Runs in Over

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