Shahid Afridi Goes Crazy in Big Bash League

Big bash league of Australia had contracts with some of the overseas cricketers to play in Australia. Pakistani players’ likes of Shahid Afridi, Abdul Razzaq and other players have also played there but nobody got the chance to attract the cricket supporters there in Australia. In one of the matches that were played there, Shahid Afridi performed both with bat and ball to win the match for his team.

Wickets of Big bash league were supportive to both batsmen and bowlers. Shahid Afridi used to bowl very quickly so he had the entire pace behind his deliveries that caused the troubles for most of the batsmen who lost their key wickets to him. He had won the hearts of the people of Australia who had come there in the stadium the shots of the overseas players.

Shahid Afridi gave match winning performances in many matches with his leg spin bowling but in that particular match in Australia he had also showed some shots in the batting as well. He scored very quickly some boundaries so that his team could easily win the match. His team had won the match through the performance of Shahid Afridi.

Big Bash Man of the match was given to him for his ideal bowling in the match and quick twenty odd runs in the batting. The commentators of Australia also were really happy for the overseas player from Pakistan. The video that was shared on the social media showed that he was given total support from all the fielders including the captain of the team.

In that Big bash league other players from Pakistan cricket board were also playing that match but Shahid Afridi has been only one of the players from foreign countries who had fan following all over the country of Australia. During the whole cricket league, Abdul Razzaq and Navedul Hassan had also played the matches there.

Shahid Afridi

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