Shahid Afridi Gets Welcome Chants From Supporters

Shahid Afridi got the chants of Boom Boom from his supporters and fans in the stadium during the live interview of the all rounder by the commentators which included the former fast bowlers and the host Harsha Boghle. Wasim Akram the legend of Pakistan Cricket team was also very inspired by the fan following of the all rounder.

Shahid Afridi gave interview to the commentators after Pakistan lost the match against Australia and was ousted from the world cricket cup that was being played in the neighboring country India. The commentators included the Indian Harsha Boghle also praised the support that the Pakistani all rounder was receiving during the interview.

People in the stadium who was supporting Pakistan cricket team during the match also started to chant Boom Boom when he was there. The all rounder thanked them during the interview. The commentators were also amazed to see so much support for the captain in the other country. Harsha Boghle further said that it was the reaction of the appreciation they had given from the Pakistani captain.

Crowd shouted Shahid Afridi many times during the interview. The captain of the Pakistan cricket team was really thankful for the crown who had come from different parts of the country. He also thanked specially for the people who had come from Kashmir and was appreciated well by the Pakistani all rounder.

Shahid Afridi said after the reply form one of the commentators that he might decided his future after his departure to Pakistan. He knew that many of the supporters back at home did not want him to leave cricket as they were really sick of the other classical cricket matches that were being played. The commentators wished him for the future. He was the most beloved cricket player of the century that has earned the fame all over the world.

Shahid Afridi Chants

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