Shahid Afridi Gets Reception With Protest

Shahid Afridi got the reception at the airport with protest and he did not come face the public. People were really angry at him after dismal performance of Pakistan team in the world cup. The star performer who has been the favorite cricketer for the Pakistani supporters had come from Dubai after relaxing for few days there.

Afridi performed very well in the last world cup as he won the man of the match award in the final of the world cup. At that time all the team players received tremendous reception at the airport by the Pakistani people. All the country men were very happy at the performance of the cricket team including the all rounder.

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This time the dismal performance of the team made the captain to stay in Dubai for couple of holidays. He was supposed to come today from Dubai International airport. All the people responded with anger when the other team members arrived in Pakistan but that time captain of Pakistan cricket team did not accompany them.

Shahid Afridi spent some days in Dubai so that he could feel refreshed after the pathetic performance in the world cup. He was not alone in that country as he was accompanied by his friends who supported him in the bad time. His friends in Dubai asked him to stay there for some more days but the all rounder did not feel comfortable as he was missing his family in Pakistan.

Afridi did not argue with the protesters at the airport since he knew that they could not perform well at all. Some of the players were not giving their hundred percent so they were not liked by the Pakistani people at the airport. Some of the people said that they wanted the captain to kick those players out of the team.

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