Shahid Afridi Gets Received by Angry Protestor

Shahid Afridi returned from Dubai after spending some holidays after the defeat in the world cup. He has arrived at airport today but he was treated badly at airport since public started protesting against the poor performance of him at the airport. He could not face the public and did not answer any question. He did not expect such reception since he was very sad himself.

Shahid Afridi did not expect such thing from the supporters who have been supporting him throughout the world cup. The protest at airport was reported by private media channels. According to them the captain of the Pakistan cricket team did not come out of the lounge instead he called his security guard and personal driver so that he could turn back to his family and home.

The arrival of the captain from Dubai was due today and everybody was expecting a safe arrival of the star all rounder that had spent couple of days there for holiday purpose. The news of the protest at the reception of leg spinner became viral on social media but the reports later on described that it was a fake reporting.

Afridi did not blame any of the country men for that kind of reception at the airport since he knew that the people were quite angry at the performance of their team in the world cup. This sort of protest was not the new one to the cricket team as it had already happened with the team players in the past when Imran Khan used to play for the country.

Shahid Afridi did not reply to the harsh questions of the media and the protesters who wanted to tell the captain that they wanted Pakistani team to win the matches. The footage showed that the star performer received such shameful behavior from the crowd. It was the most pathetic news that was shared on social media.

Public Bashed Shahid Afridi At Airport

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