Shahid Afridi Gets Message From Arshi Khan

Shahid Afridi got the message from the Indian film actress Arshi Khan who has been in the news of the cricket of Pakistan. She came up on the screen during the cricket world cup and got the attention of lots of people. The cricket fans all over the world really criticized her when she gave a statement in the public that she had relations with the super star.

Shahid Afridi denied all the statements that were given by the film actress Arshi Khan. Many people from Pakistan also called her with bad names when Arshi Khan said some immoral statements against the super star of Pakistan cricket team. She has been coming on the social media and giving some messages for the supporters of cricketer who has got lots of following all over the world.

Arshi Khan was not  the only one who has been trying to get fame during the world cup by giving statements and video messages abou the cricket players on the social media but many other females had also done that. Another lady from the showbiz industry of Pakistan media has been doing such stuff on the social media.

Shahid Afridi has been one of the stars who have lots of fan following all over the world due to his hard hitting batting everywhere. He might have not been consistent but with the strike rate he had played in the international cricket, had attracted many youngsters as well as old people as well. Pakistan cricket has been down and under during the recent ongoing world cup competition.

Support for Shahid Afridi has been tremendous and this time the Indian film actress Arshi Khan gave a video message on the social media for supporting the super star since she said that she has been in the relations with him and she liked him so much.

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