Shahid Afridi Fans Chant

Shahid Afridi fans chanted when he was being interviewed by the commentators at the end of the cricket match that was played between Pakistan and Australia. All the fans who were present there in the stadium loved the captain and all rounder of Pakistan cricket team. The all rounder had so much fan following in the India that the commentators also appreciated the all rounder.

Shahid Afridi thanked all the fans during the interview by the commentators including Wasim Akram, Harsha Boghle and Brett Lee. The cricket sport has been loved by the crowd and the fans in India since it has been the only sport that Indian crowd liked so much than any other sport. Pakistan cricket team all rounder already thanked all the fans in the previous game as well.

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The commentators were very pleased to see so much fan following of the all cricket all rounder in their country as well. They admitted that Pakistan cricket team captain had charismatic personality and he has fans all around the world. Harsha Boghle further after hearing fans chanting in favor of Captain, said that his fan following will continue whether he is supposed to get retirement or not.

Shahid Afridi has got the reputation and the fame in the cricket world for his fastest century in the world. People started to like him after that world record. Cricket fans never had seen that much attractive cricket by any player in the world since they were used to watch classical cricket matches. With the introduction of the Pakistani all rounder the fan following started to increase all over the world.

Shahid Afridi was on the verge of retirement but his supporters who loved his so much all over the world did not want him to leave the cricket field. The commentators further said that his supporters will always love and cherish him forever.

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