Shahid Afridi Faces Shane Keith Warne First Time

Shane Keith Warne the most successful bowler of Australia cricket team bowled to Shahid Afridi, the Pakistani all rounder. The leg spinner bowler thought that the all rounder would defend him at the beginning and then might go for the huge boundaries. Shahid Afridi surprised him by coming down the track on the first ball and hitting him with single hand over the boundary line for a huge six.

Shane Keith Warne has never bowled to Shahid Afridi before and he did not the mentality of the cricketer of Pakistan. Shahid Afridi on the other hand always loved to hit huge shots despite of the fact that the bowler bowled really well. During that innings Shahid Afridi looked really confidence of middling every ball in the bouncy pitch of Australia.

Pitches of Australia had always some turn in them but that did not bother the all rounder of Pakistan Shahid Afridi. The leg spinner of Australia bowled a full delivery, hoping it to be a ball that could get the edge of the bat and go straight in the hands of the fielder at the deep boundary. Shahid Afridi had different thinking as he danced down the track.

Shane Keith Warne did not expect him to come and play the delivery that was pitched full. The batsman launched it with only one hand and the ball kept on flying in the air. It had all the elevation that could have taken it over the boundary line. The spectators did not expect such one hand shot to be traveling so much and going for a huge six since the boundaries of Australia grounds were not short.

Shane Keith Warne felt really embarrassing after getting smashed by the all rounder who was there to lift the scoring run rate. The ball did not turn at all and it kept straight enabling Shahid Afridi to go straight and huge. Fans of cricket Australia really liked the battle between the both leg spinners. Shahid Afridi himself was an all rounder and knew how to cop the turning ball.

Shane Warne Bowls First Time to Shahid Afridi

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