Shahid Afridi Breaks Traffic Signal

A traffic signal that was placed outside the cricket stadium in Canada got broken by the hit of Shahid Afridi. Indian bowler bowled him a loose ball that was hit hard by Pakistani all rounder. The commentators and the supporters were really amazed to see the huge hit by Shahid Afridi. He has been very popular among the supporters for hitting huge sixes.

Traffic Signal was placed near the road outside the cricket stadium in Canada and nobody thought that anybody could hit a huge boundary that could touch it. Shahid Afridi had different feelings since he has been playing such cricket shots all over the park. During his knock he hit a ball with great power that had gone out of the park into the road parking.

The people living in Canada feared that their cars might have got damaged but the video showed that the huge hit of Shahid Afridi cleared the cricket stadium and went into the road that full of cars. The people of Canada were watching huge hits of Shahid Afridi for the very first time since they had never gone to the cricket stadium in the past.

That traffic signal was hit by the cricket ball and got damaged. The management of cricket stadium had to bear the expenses to repair it since it was damaged by the players. Shahid Afridi was also amazed to see his shot clearing the cricket stadium. At that moment he was quiet young in the international cricket and did not know how to control his innings.

Due to traffic signal damage, the cars and other vehicles were unable to drive with care since there was no other way to control them. The wardens had to be called in by the management of Canada to bring back the people who could control the normal way of driving.


Traffic Signal Gets Broken

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