Caribbean Cricket League Shows Contest

In Caribbean cricket league Shoaib Malik played against the former captain of Pakistan team and the famous all rounder Shahid Afridi in the Caribbean premier league in West Indies. Interesting contest was started between the players of Pakistan team. The cricket league has become very popular among the top leagues of the world. Both were selected in their teams for their all round performances.

Caribbean Premier League was watched in many countries since it has contract with the TV channels from different countries. The match that got the attention of the spectators of Pakistan was the match when Shoaib Malik charged Shahid Afridi down the track. The bowler who has been the former captain of Pakistan did not expect such a shot from the batsman.

Shahid Afridi was thinking how to get back to the batting all rounder Shoaib Malik after getting six over his head. Amazing scenes were watched by the viewers and the spectators who were sitting in the stadium. They all started to support the batsman despite of the fact that Shahid Afridi has been blessed with lot of fame everywhere.

Wickets of Caribbean premier league were not that much difficult to play the spinners yet Shahid Afridi managed to get some break from the pitch on the very straight pitch. Luckily the batsman had come down the track that he missed the spin of the ball. The keeper made no mistake in getting Shoaib Malik out with the stumps.

Crowd in Caribbean premier league got the entertainment they needed as Shahid Afridi got the big wicket of his country mate Shoaib Malik. The bowler, who has captained Pakistani cricket team many times, got the wicket and was cherished by his captain and the other players as well. Both the players shook hands with each other at the end of the match.

Shoaib Malik vs Shahid Afridi

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