Sensational Last Over of PSL

Sensational last over of PSL entertained crowd in Dubai cricket stadium. Another news of the Indian premier league got viral on the social media. The video was leaked on the social media when the lady was approached by the media. The news channel reported that her husband has been dealing with the black money in the Indian Premier League match.

IPL match was booked by a husband of a lady who lost her wife for betting. Her husband has been betting in the matches and he has been asking for the money from his home. He lost money through the matches and the gambling but always asked his wife to give guarantee to the people to whom he lost. Those people had come in their home for the demand of the winning amount.

The wife of that lady was very much troubled by her husband but she could not do anything. At last she had to tell the media about the recent incident when her husband lost her in the betting. The people who won from him, had come to take his wife. The wife of that husband was very much worried and informed the local police and media.

IPL matches have been played every day and people living in India have been doing betting.

Aizaz Cheema Last Thrilling Over in PSL

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