Sensational Cricket League Match Finishes in Style

Sensational cricket league match was finished in style when Shahid Afridi repeated his performance in the match. Eight runs required on the last three balls and bowler had to contain the most dangerous player of the world. The man who played that innings in Asia cup was ready to go for the maximum again since he had that habit of hitting sixes.

Team of that cricket league also had some more cricketers from different countries but nobody could match the hitting skills and style of the Pakistan all rounder Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi showed the world in the Asia cup that the game was not over until the all rounder was in the middle of the ground. The fans of Bangladesh that were supporting Pakistani all rounder were able to watch another drill.

People who were watching that contest could not agree more that it was a repeat show of the Asia cup final where Shahid Afridi smashed two huge sixes and won the match single hand. The same performance was supposed to be watched by the players and the team management. Shahid Afridi also wanted to do something good for his team.

Another cricket league was played in England where the all rounder hit the ball to the roof of the stadium since it had roof so the play could carry on even if it rained. Shahid Afridi got the rewards of hitting the roof of the stadium as the umpire signaled for twelve runs. He had that world record of making 12 runs on one ball.

Cricket league match was almost coming to the point where it seemed that Asia Cup final innings would be repeated. Nobody was ready to leave their seats as they were expecting something like Asia cup where Shahid Afridi won the match on consecutive sixes. In the end it turned out to be the same as he smashed the two balls to the stadium and won the match with one ball to be left.

Shahid Afridi Repeats Asia Cup Performance

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