Salman Butt Smashes 50 Runs

Salman Butt Smashes 50 Runs. Umer Gul the right arm fast bowler who played many international cricket matches for Pakistan fooled the opening left hander Salman Butt and got him out cheaply. Salman Butt has started playing in the domestic cricket Pakistan Cup but he was caught out cheaply by the fast bowler. The fast bowler caught and bowled on his own bowling.

Umer Gul surprised the left hander Salman Butt when he bowled a slow delivery after bowling two quick balls to him. The left hander started playing domestic cricket after his ban in the international cricket. The domestic match was part of the Pakistan cup that was being held in the city of the Pakistan. The fast bowler bowled two quick deliveries and then bowled a slow delivery to get rid of him.

Umer Gul deceived the left hander Salman Butt after a long layoff when he just opened the innings for his country. The fast bowler of Pakistan cricket team has been in and out of the national cricket team for many months and in the recent come back in the Pakistan cup he got the wicket of left hander Salman Butt. The fast bowler impressed the selectors with his bowling skill.

Pakistan cup has been played since there was not international cricket for the Pakistan cricket team and they had to keep them busy in the domestic cricket. Salman Butt impressed everyone in the previous matches that he had played earlier in the year. This time around the matches have been broadcast-ed live on the national TV.

Umer Gul had forced selectors to think about picking him in the national team for the tour of England since Pakistan team has not been performing well in the international cricket. Both the right arm fast bowler and the left hander Salman Butt have played cricket together. After the ban on the Salman Butt, he has not been in relations with any of the cricketers and the fast bowler.

Umer Gul has been the perfect bowler in the death over but lately due to the injury to his ankle, he has not been in the rhythm. The left hander was fooled earlier when the fast bowler pushed the deliveries wide to the left hander straight in the gloves of wicket keeper. The next delivery had to be the perfect one to get rid of the batsman by the right arm fast bowler.

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