Salman Butt Scores Fifty

Salman Butt Scores Fifty. Umer Gul surprised the left hander Salman Butt when he bowled a slow delivery after bowling two quick balls to him. The left hander started playing domestic cricket after his ban in the international cricket. The domestic match was part of the Pakistan cup that was being held in the city of the Pakistan. The fast bowler bowled two quick deliveries and then bowled a slow delivery to get rid of him.

Umer  Gul was playing the domestic Pakistan cup after a long delay since he had some injury problem in the past. Although he did not look as quick as he used to be, yet he was able to swing the ball too much that could cause trouble for any player in the international match. Salman butt on the other hand also was playing for the first time in the Pakistan Cup where all the national players were also taking part.

Salman Butt had performed really well in the four day matches that were played some months ago. His selection in the national team was considered but one of the selectors did not want him in the side. The left hander had hesitation while playing swinging ball. After playing three balls from the fast bowler, he was fooled by the slower delivery.

Umer Gul had bowled quick deliveries before he managed to fool the former left hander. He bowled a slow delivery and the fast bowler expected him to smash the ball towards the boundary line but due to the pace of the ball he could not control his shot and played it straight towards the right arm fast bowler of Pakistan.

Bowling of Umer Gul looked impressive but the people had different views since they said that playing domestic cricket in the Pakistan Cup could be a practice for some player but the real pressure had come in the international cricket. Fast bowler rolled his finders and was able to deceive the batsman Salman Butt who was very sure of performing very well.

Salman Butt Hits Amazing 50

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