Salman Butt Fixes World Cup Match

World cup match against New Zealand cricket team was almost in the pockets of Pakistan cricket team since they only needed 11 runs in the last over. The left hander cricketer Salman Butt was still there in the middle along with the left hand spinner. Pakistan cricket team could have easily won that match but Salman Butt knowingly did not hit any shot and kept on missing easy balls against lose bowlers of New Zealand.

World cup match of Pakistan against New Zealand had become very sensational when the bowling side kept on taking wickets on the crucial moments. Pakistan lost settled batsmen while the opener Salman Butt was there to take the team to the finishing line. The last over became very nostalgic for Pakistan team since they needed 2 runs on 1 ball but the spinner of Pakistan team was on strike.

New Zealand bowlers felt really good and confident when some of the batsmen that were scoring runs, were sent back to the pavilion by the good bowling. The last over of that match was quite interesting as Salman Butt did hit a boundary on the fourth ball but he had to take a single on the second last ball. Salman Butt could not face the last delivery.

That world cup match was quite depressing for the Pakistani cricket since Pakistan lost that match while everybody thought that it could be a match winning innings from the opener Salman Butt who missed the opportunity in the last over. Salman Butt was so dejected at the non striking end when the bowlers of New Zealand won that match.

World cup win over New Zealand would have made Pakistan go further in the final stage. Fans of Pakistan did not expect such thing from the team and Salman Butt. Some of the fans criticized him for match fixing but he denied such rumors.

Match Fixing by Salman Butt

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