Salman Butt and Kamran Fool Nation

Salman Butt and Kamran Fool Nation. Who had given a statement against the left arm fast bowler that he was a normal bowler. He further said that in the world cup matches he considered the left arm bowler as a normal bowler. The Pakistani left arm fast bowler has been appreciated by lots of players in the world for his great come back in the world cup cricket matches.

Muhammad Amir has been banned from the international cricket for quite some time and in fact it had been five years since he did not bowl in the international arena. The last Asia cup was really a good platform for the left arm fast bowler for the Pakistan team. Pakistani selectors really had trust in him and they wanted him to perform well against Rohit Sharma as well.

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Rohit Sharma against got out by the slower delivery from the left arm pacer of the Pakistan cricket team. He was the only hope for the cricket team since no other bowler had helped him in taking wickets to win match for the country. All the legends had gone to watch the match in the cricket stadium since it has the rival teams for many years.

Muhammad Amir bowled the first over against Rohit sharma with great pace and never let the Indian batsman to get settled in the world cup match. He was very conscious in the first over. In the second over of the innings the left arm pacer and the brilliant fast bowler of Pakistan cricket team managed to take wicket of Rohit Sharma.

Muhammad Amir celebrated his wicket with great emotion since he knew that his counter part never liked his performance with the ball. It was really good revenge that was taken by the left arm fast bowler against the Indian batsman. Rohit sharma was really annoyed with his performance in the world cup matches as he could not do very well in the match.

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