Salman Butt And Kamran Akmal Drop Catches

Salman Butt And Kamran Akmal Drop Catches. Fast Bowler had been very well through out the world cup matches. Indian Batsman had given a statement against the the fast bowler that he was not an extra ordinary bowler. Rohit sharma said that he considered the left arm bowler as a normal bowler.

Muhammad Amir came back to the cricket team after a ban of 5 years and he had performed very well in the domestic matches. The left arm fast bowler had been very impressive in the Asia cup matches as well. Rohit sharma the Indian batsman became the victim of the left arm fast bowler in the Asia cup match but he never got impressed from the left armer.

Indian batsman did not like the respect that Pakistani fast bowler had earned after his come back in the international cricket matches. Another famous Indian batsman also appreciated his bowling in the Asia cup as well but his fellow man did not impress by the left armer. In the world cup matches the Pakistan bowler was in good form too.

Muhammad Amir did not take care of the statement that Rohit sharma had given about him. He said that he was just focusing on his bowling. Virat Kohli another Indian Batsman who has been very impressive in all the Indian cricket world cup matches also appreciated the fast bowler. He had gone to give his bat to the left arm fast bowler as he was really impressed by the bowling.

Muhammad Amir took that gift from the Indian batsman and thanked him for appreciation. He said that he has been visiting the camps of the Indian cricket team in the world cup matches to find out the weaknesses and the strengths of the batsman.

Salman Butt and Kamran Akmal Fool Nation

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