Saeed Ajmal Gets Smashed by Shahid Afridi

Saeed Ajmal got smashed by world’s fastest century maker when he bowled him in the cricket league that was played in Sri Lanka. Shahid Afridi has reputation of hitting sixes to any bowler in the world cricket. Shahid Afridi did not leave his own countryman when he came to bowl him in Sri Lanka premier league. The first ball that Shahid Afridi faced, that was hit all the way out of the park.

Saeed Ajmal has been one of the top spin bowlers of Pakistan cricket team. He had performed really well for the team Pakistan in all formats. During the contract with the Sri Lanka premier league he had the chance to bowl against one of the popular hitter of world cricket Shahid Afridi. Both of them never played against each other.

Sri Lanka premier league was organized in Sri Lanka where many overseas players were also called in to play their best to entertain the crowd. Shahid Afridi while facing him lifted his bowl twice in the over into the stadium. The spin bowler had lots of variety which he used throughout his career but failed to beat the hitter Shahid Afridi.

Saeed Ajmal was quite confident that he would get Shahid Afridi out but he never knew that he was treated with two huge sixes over long on. This was the site that the viewers were really waiting for throughout the Sri Lanka premier league. The spectators were really supporting the hard hitter. Shahid Afridi did not only bowl really well but also smashed the ball all over the ground.

Bowling action of Saeed Ajmal was challenged by the umpire and he was banned from bowling for so many months. He remodeled his bowling action but could not get expected results and since then he hasn’t played for the country. Shahid Afridi on the other hand did not quite bowling and batting in Sri Lanka premier league.

Saeed Ajmal vs Shahid Afridi

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