Saeed Ajmal Fools Adam Gilchrist

Saeed Ajmal fooled Adam Gilchrist world eleven players including Shahid Afridi and Kevin Pietersen. They all played in a match played for charity purpose. One of the teams had those hitters in their side and they were supposed to go over the bowling side but Shahid Afridi and Kevin Pietersen could not understand the ideal bowling of the spin magician.

Adam Gilchrist was surprised by the wrong turn of the ball of Saeed Ajmal. Due to the spin of the spinner Saeed Ajmal, the wicket keeper batsman failed to touch the ball and he was stumped. After the dismissal of the left hand batsman cum wicket keeper, another dangerous batsman Kevin Pietersen was also stumped.

Saeed Ajmal celebrated his wicket with his team mates that included world class cricketers. Sachin Tendulkar was also part of the team that was bowling. Tamim Iqbal was also given leg before wicket off the bowling of Saeed Ajmal that did not turn at all. The umpire did not hesitate for a while to give the left hander out.

Unlike Adam Gilchrist, Pakistan’s all round cricketer Shahid Afridi gave his wicket when the ball came back quite sharply and beat the bat. The ball hit the stumps and Shahid Afridi could not believe that he could be bowled on the bowling of a spinner since he liked playing against spin bowling. Saeed Ajmal got the important break through for his team.

After Adam Gilchrist, Shahid Afridi and Kevin Pietersen, another well settled batsman from Bangladesh was also gone. Saeed Ajmal bowled a superb spell that caused so many troubles to the left hand and right hand batsmen. He got the important wickets and finished his spell of four overs. In his four overs he got four wickets after giving away just 9 runs.

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