Saeed Ajmal Bowls to Shahid Afridi

Saeed Ajmal bowled when Shahid Afridi was batting in the Sri Lanka premier league. The spin bowler was bowling quite well until he had to bowl to the world’s famous big hitter Shahid Afridi. Despite of his countryman, Shahid Afridi did not give any respect to the spin bowler. He came down the track and lifted the ball over long off for a huge six.

Facing Saeed Ajmal in the Sri Lanka premier league was a battle for the all round cricketer Shahid Afridi as he has been hitting sixes to every spinner of the world all over the ground. This was a huge battle for the spectators who were witnessing some fine hitting with the bat of Shahid Afridi off the bowling of the world class spinner of Pakistan cricket team.

He was bowling the first ball to the hitter in the Sri Lanka premier league on a pitch that was not offering any help to the fast bowlers. Shahid Afridi did not hesitate on the first ball as he danced down the track to hit the ball over the long off fielder’s head for a huge six. The captain of the bowling side came near to the spin bowler to give some advice in vain.

Saeed Ajmal was pretty sure that he would not let Shahid Afridi hit the second ball and would try his best to get him out. The captain of the bowling side also gave him some tips but the star all rounder never got scared of the opposition as he came down again on the next ball to dispatch it to the same position.

Saeed Ajmal could not figure out what was going through the mind of the Shahid Afridi as he was worried about the next ball. Sri Lanka supporters that had come to see the premier league in the stadium were really happy to see the brilliant hitting of the best all rounder of Pakistan cricket team. Spin bowling of the Pakistani spinner could not pay rich dividends to bowling side.

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